What America Would Like to Know About George W Bush

Political facts of life about George W Bush. When it comes to GW Bush, factual information is always our best bet. Students do care. Your vote will direct America's future for yet another major change in America.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

As Texas Governor, Bush earned his state the following rankings:

  • lowest percentage of poor working parents with insurance
  • 48th in per-capita funding for public health
  • 47th in delivery of social services
  • 42nd in child-support collections
  • 49th in spending on the environment
  • 5th worst in percentage of population living in poverty

  • 1st in air and water pollution... WORST RECORD IN U.S. history
  • Worst in corporate pollution of the environment... WORST RECORD IN U.S. history
Remember that Texas is larger than a dozen other states all added up together...
which should've made it harder for Bush to have caused this.

We suggest you pay very careful attention to the numbers that don't lie: DOLLARS!         Numbers don't lie: politicians do.     Go out and vote, Stupid!

  • 41st in per-capita spending on public education

  • Lowest in spending for teachers' salaries in the U.S.

  • Lowest percentage of children with health insurance in U.S.
  • Just think of what he could do for the country as president

    It's your economy, isn't it?
      How was YOUR cash flow from 1992 to 2001?

    George W Bush's hysterical quotes

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      Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
      Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.