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Life's Lovely Success Secrets & Shortcuts

If you wish to make magic happen in your life in a matter of a few weeks, yes, as little as, say, 22 days or so, you certainly can. Not only have I done so, hundreds of my students have done so.

At risk of offending you, I've given away far more money than you've earned in your life.... And because I will be dead and buried by the time you read these words, I have no ax to grind, no ulterior motive beyond the selfish desire to be remembered as one ass-kicking, supereffective coach and cheerleader in the arena of human peak performance.

I proved many, many doctors and surgeons wrong by NOT living the rest of my life in a wheelchair,
all twisted up from a drunken driver hitting the van I was a passenger in at 100+ MPH,

I'm grateful to have been credited with breaking or shattering more than 170 production records at seven sizable NY companies (truth is, I didn't break all those records, WE broke all those records... and WE got paid rather well for it).

In terms of guitar, piano, languages, art.... So many people thought I went from being an idiot to a genius. Simple truth is, I tapped into the identical shortcuts being used by so many hundreds of these extraordinary human beings I was interviewing on a daily basis.

You are asked to begin by accepting that this will require a minimum of one percent of your time...for as long as you wish to be a star in SOME area of human endeavor.

This means 14.4 minutes per day.... every day. It means doing some writing, maybe just a tiny bit more than you have been, and we begin here.

From the mouths of inordinately successful people,
instantaneous improvements ARE realistic, with a realistic plan. The difference between you attempting to bake a cake from scratch and then turning to a recipe is the difference of instaneous, and usually measurable improvements. What exactly does it take for you to get sick and tired of getting mediocre results, and, far more importantly, understanding that there is a direct and mathetmatical relationship between mediocre efforts and mediocre results..... between excellent efforts and excellent result?

These 'recipes' work at rates significantly accelerated from the place you're at. Identifying your results, and the mediocre efforts that have created them, is not a putdown; it's a pragmatic way of pointing out a better way for EVERY one of us to look toward.

Tell me, what would thrill you in your life?

Why not print out the next couple of pages and pick up a pen, answering these questions to, and strictly FOR yourself.... For Your Eyes Only....

What would it take to get YOU to whoop and holler?

Go ahead: ____________________________________________________________

  Humor me here: When do you want it by? __________________

  • If you were experiencing a crisis so serious you'd even resort to asking for help from people you'd never have thought to go to: cousins, friends, old teachers, associates in particular organizations... what I want you to do in the next 30 seconds is name 5 - 10 people you could conceivably go to for help. Now, NOW, NOW!!!

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

NAME 3 organizations or agencies who could possibly help out: (You can always add to this list later, right?)

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

We come to the most important question of all: Why do you want it?

One of the most profound truths you will ever ever ever encounter in your life:


It's already happened to you: think of every time you've had an unexpected deadline to meet, such as raising cash for insurance payment, car, rent; preparing for a test or presentation. "DUE TOMORROW?!? WHAT REPORT?!"

You have no idea how you're going to raise that money, or get to that city, get the report done in 3 days, or whatever. You scramble your brain thinking of people who can help you, how you can block out the time to do it. When the reason is urgent enough, you somehow manage to pull it off, don't you? Icing on the cake: you manage to pull it off 90+% of the time, don't you? Getting that gift, raising the rent on time, medical fees, dental, auto insurance. Every time you hit that crisis, you find a way to survive it, don't you? If it's important enough, our emotions are involved. Then, we always find 'how' to get it done. Simply transfer that urgency to any desire you writing!

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.

Whoooooah!!! Huge, truly huge power in that sentence. Raw power that I can use in the next 100 minutes of my life. Hmm.     Whaddya say, Champ? Why not live a life that's filled with passion, and excitement... and feeling exceptionally good.

Today's a great day to be excellent,
and get some of that internal recognition that tastes so sweeeeeet, yes?    Today!!

Ladies & gentlemen, when you come to understand the previous paragraph, I unconditionally promise that your income will double within 100 days. I realize you already think you understand it. Let's just say that the 7th or 8th time you read it aloud, you'll have more immediate power at your disposal. I had a dream of interviewing thousands of self-made millionaires. I had 32 questions to ask each of them. At Who's Who Worldwide I got to do exactly that, 7 to 30 times pr day for 52 weeks. These folks understand that you can create an incredibly excellent feeling in your heart and mind in these next few minutes.!! A great mood is only seconds away!! Do you have the brains to tap into this power? Please,don't tell me: Show me. REMEMBER: Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed. At all times, your mood is determined by you...exclusively.

Why are you walking around feeling so unrewarded & unfulfilled? Your life's going so great? If it is, seeya later. If you still have a dream or two, what's the cost of bringing it out and taking a look at it? If all of your dreams are gone, you should lay down and die. If you're willing to take a look at what would really really thrill you all the way, I'm telling you that you can join the 481,000 millionaires who live here in America. Oh, I'm sorry; did I write '481,000'? Forgive me: we have 10
GROUPS of 481,000 millionaires here in the U.S.!! They dared to dream, put in writing what they wanted, and how they thought they could go about getting it.
Then, they took some action, however small, EVERY DAY!!

Within 7 to 10 days, you will see so many areas of your life improving that you'll be excited about going for the full 21 days. We already know from repeated study of thousands of superstars in a variety of fields, that when you put your dreams or goals on paper every day for 21 days, reading them aloud at least two times per day with enthusiasm, you will find yourself, within 21 days (!!!!) closer to your life's sweetest dreams... than you have gotten in all the years of your life all put together, and you'll very quickly understand how we can make such a powerful claim.

You need not take my word for it, or even that of thousands of supersuccessful athletic stars, business stars, authors, Olympians, and so many many other Winners. 21 days. See for yourself. Only 5 to 7% of you have the brains to actually put your goals on paper. To you, I welcome you to the Circle of Winners. Whatever level you are at now, I promise you, within 21 days you'll be grinning & happy. Again, don't take anyone's word for it?:
Shut up, and do it.
You WILL be very glad you did...WITHIN 3 weeks from today.

Just play pretend for 15 minutes pr writing.
That's it!!!

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought & deed.


 Precisely what do I want? __________________________________

  • By when? __________________
  • What specific emotions will I feel when I actually achieve this desire? ______________________________
  • What will I personally receive from achieving this desire? _______________________________________

If I were paid $2,000 cash to write down the 1st two steps, or $25,000 for the first 4 steps, they'd be:

____________________________________ _____________________________________

____________________________________ _____________________________________

 If the only way to get lifesaving medication was based on my doing this, what can I do in the next 12 hours, or even the next 100 minutes to bring me just one step closer?



Just pipe down and do it EVERY DAY. I promise you, in days, you'll be much better off, with less stress than you have today.
Unconditionally Guaranteed.

As always,
what you DO
speaks so loudly

you need not say a word....y'see, the roar of your actions tends to drown out your words.
It really is true, my friend: what you do speaks so loudly I can't hear a word you're saying


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